Month: July 2008

Institutionally-driven technologies: Adding or subtracting value?

David Snowden is writing about the shortsightedness of IT departments driving knowledge management platforms in organisations.  He argues that: “One software package cannot replicate the richness of the web, and your employees deserve that richness as does your organisation if it is to be effective and successful.”

David’s argument is focused around Sharepoint, but for those in the world of education, the parallels with VLEs will be apparent.


ThoughtMesh as a tool for open scholarship

I am listening to a Berkmann Luncheon Lecture by Jon Ippolito. The title of the lecture is Can Creativity be Outsorced? It discusses, among other things, a tool called ThoughtMesh, which is essentially an open and social publication platform, which allows tagging and navigation and search by text section and by tag.  It looks worth trying out.


Last week I was at EDMEDIA, which this year was held in Vienna.   I did two presentations, on two different lines of work I have been involved in:

1. A paper outlining results of a study on how students are using (social) technologies to learn in formal and informal contexts. Slides

2. A paper on personal learning environments(PLE) co-authored with Colin Milligan and Allison Littlejohn. While the main aim of the paper is to outline scenarios of how PLEs may be used in various contexts (undergraduate course and postgraduate research), in the presentation I focused on the notions of collective learning and charting;charting in particular as a central mechnism underpinning  the “personal” in the PLE and bridging the individual and the collective.  Slides

I hope to be able to write later in a bit more detail about the ideas that we have been working on recently around the second line of work in particular .