ThoughtMesh as a tool for open scholarship

I am listening to a Berkmann Luncheon Lecture by Jon Ippolito. The title of the lecture is Can Creativity be Outsorced? It discusses, among other things, a tool called ThoughtMesh, which is essentially an open and social publication platform, which allows tagging and navigation and search by text section and by tag.  It looks worth trying out.



  1. Hi anoush,

    Thanks for listening in. ThoughtMesh has seen a big take-up recently among academics participating in particular conferences (see especially the 40 essays in the National Poetry Foundation’s NPF Mesh).

    If you’d like some help giving it a whirl, shoot me an email.


  2. Thanks, Jon. I am planning to try ThoughtMesh out with a short paper I am co-authoring with a couple of colleagues. I am sure they will be up for it. I will let you know if there are any questions

    All the best,

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