Month: June 2009

RWL09 Conference: paper, presentation, etc.

I am at present in Copenhagen to participate in the 2009 Researching Work and Learning (RWL) Conference.  The conference kicks off tomorrow (Sunday July 28) with an opening reception, keynote and dinner at the Workers Museum in Copenhagen.  The rest of the conference will take place at Roskilde University.

I have decided to stay in Roskilde rather than Copenhagen in order to avoid the daily 25-30 minute journey to the conference – in retrospect this was not a very smart decision.  The hotel which was booked for me turned out to be approx 25 minutes away from the university anyway (10 min walk to the station+5 min train+10 min walk to the university).   On the positive side – the weather is great (sunny, +25C) and forecasts indicate it will stay so in the next 5 days.

I am looking forward to the conference.  I am planning to live-blog the interesting presentations, of which I hope there will be many.  The programme looks promising.

I am presenting a paper titled “Self-regulated learning and knowledge sharing in the workplace: Similarities and differences between novices and experts” co-authored with Colin Milligan and Allison Littlejohn.  The paper is part of a symposium on Integrating Workplace Learning and Institutional Learning. I don’t think our paper fits the theme of the symposium very well, but I am hoping the discussion will be useful anyway.  The presentations is now on the slideshare.