EARLI General Assembly

Yesterday I attended the General Assembly of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI), which I became a member of earlier this year.  Participating in the Assembly provided an opportunity to develop a better sense of what the organisation is about, it’s ethos, and get an overview of the various components of it’s activity.

The new president of EARLI was announced – Sari Lindblom-Ylänne of Helsinki University.

The status of the EARLI journals wasdiscussed:

  • Learning and Instruction (L&I) has a rejection rate of of 80% (Sari says: “this is very positive”); it has recently achieved an impact rating of 1.43
  • Educational Research Review (EduRev) has applied for impact rating, the outcome is expected in 10 months
  • L&I receives 250 submissions annually, while EduRev receives 60
  • 169355 downloads for L&I in 2008; 20719 downloads for EduRev
  • There was a discussion about the possibility of  transferring the two journals online (for members, libraries would still receive paper copies) and of creating a thrid journal – no decision has been made and discussions will continue

New editors were announced as well – Lucia Mason (L&I) and Paivi Tynjala (EduRev).

Other news included:

  • EARLI has (unwillingly) joined World Association of Educational Research (WAER), but will reevaluate the decision in two years. WAER provides possibilities for capacity building, development of researchers, international exchange, dissemination of research across the world.
  • A sister association,  European Association of Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL), was established.  The undeprinning argument is that EARLI should not be open to everyone working on anything that has to do with education, rather it must be safeguarded for those who are conducting scientific research. EAPRIL will allow practitioners (teachers, lecturers), educational developers, etc to share and disseminate their practice-focused research.

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