Month: June 2011

How long it takes to write a journal paper

I decided to start analysing the time that goes into preparation of journal articles.  It is not too difficult a task, because I tend to keep timesheets for work tasks (nothing too elaborate, just an outlook calendar).

So it turns out that a 7900 word journal paper I submitted today took me in total 18 days to write, distributed over 4 months (Feb 4 to Jun 3, 2011), with an average weekly time investment of 5 hours.  This included literature review and some reanalysis of the data, but excluded data collection, coding and main analysis which had been done earlier. The resultant paper was approx 12K words long, but had to be cut to just below 8K to fit the journal requirements.

I am using an Excel spreadsheet to analyse the data. It would be interesting to compare the time invested in a paper with the number of citations it gets, the type of journal it gets published in and how quickly it gets published (ie iterations/revisions requested), and other similar variables.

I would be interested to know how long it takes others to write a paper.