Do crowdworkers self-identify as entrepreneurs?

As part of the survey of crowdworkers’ learning practices, I asked the participants about their self-identity as entrepreneurs.

In particular, I asked the crowdworkers if they considered themselves to be entrepreneurs in line with the following definition: “‘Entrepreneur’ means a person who organises and manages their own business exercising considerable personal initiative and taking on financial risk. Entrepreneurs include people who are self-employed, those who are a sole owner, partner or a majority shareholder of a small, medium, or large company”.

The majority of crowdworkers (52%) reported not identifying as entrepreneurs (Figure 1):


Figure 1. Crowdworkers’ reported self-identity as entrepreneurs (n=182)

More online freelancers than microworkers reported self-identifying as entrepreneurs (Figure 2).  Those who selected ‘other’ stated that they weren’t entrepreneurs yet, but were planning to start a business in the future.

EntreprenuersByGroupFigure 2. Reported entrepreneurial self-identity among microworkers, MW (n=167) and online freelancers, OF (n=15)